An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating

The SmartHeat project - funded under the Horizon 2020 SME-2 program

SUNTHERM has developed a World’s first 25 kWh thermal storage compact battery, based on salt hydrate dissolved in mineral oil (patent granted in April 2017). The battery enables up to 25 hours of heat displacement. With this SmartHeat-project, SUNTHERM’s integrated heating system for households receives funding from the EU to be developed and tested further.


Thermal energy storage:

In the SmartHeat set-up, heating is provided by a heat pump. Additionally, heat storage, provided by a 25 kWh thermal battery (60 × 60 × 200 cm), is coupled to a module of cloud based management that will provide the basis for real-time heat management, acting as a buffer in the grid. The thermal battery is loaded at the points in time when it makes the most sense.


A heat pump provides the thermal storage unit with heat during periods of time where there is otherwise a low demand for energy from the grid. The storage system releases its heat during peak demand periods, hence balancing the load. The integrated optimization of the heat pump operation takes place via an intelligent steering system that manages energy loads, ensures peak load shaving, and the storage of excess power.

SmartHeat can effectively cover a normal family's daily needs for radiators, floor heating and hot water, with a heat release capacity above any other heating unit available, due to its intelligent and huge storage capacity. Hence, the system provides an alternative to an oil burner in a utility room and delivers twice the amount of hot water than a conventional hot water tank. By storing energy – either from the sun or when the power is cheap - in our unique battery and delivering it when the house requires heating, Suntherm will offer the homeowner the opportunity to reduce the heat bill by 75% in comparison to the use of an oil burner. The SmartHeat system has an 40% increase in efficiency versus a stand-alone heat pump. 


Through the successful development and implementation of SmartHeat WWF award winning technology, SUNTHERM will be in a strong position to exploit a market worth €34.5 billion and enhance its profitability by the stream of the sales with an expected cumulated turnover of €83 million, 5 years after completion of the project.