Monday, September 7, 2020


Article in nation-wide JP about Suntherm

Intelligent heat pump draws cheep electricity and avoids heat loss

Under the above headline, the nation-wide daily newspaper JyllandsPosten on September 7th, 2020, brought an article about Suntherm and our SmartHeat system.  The article underlined the intelligent cloud solution that enables SmartHeat to reduce the heat consumption in due course.

Suntherm’s heat system is based on a heat pump connected to a heat battery. The heat battery can be loaded when conditions are favourable, either due to low electricity prices or overproduction of wind energy. The stored heat can be consumed whenever necessary.

The heat system is connected to an intelligent steering that takes the weather forecast into account. For instance, floor heating may be turned down when the sun starts heating the house, hence acting ahead of time avoiding double heating.

When a customer gets a Suntherm heat system installed, the customer does not buy the heat pump. Moreover, the system belongs to Suntherm, and the customer pays a monthly fee plus buys the amount of heat he utilizes. The system is independent of gas or district heating grids; if there is electricity available, a Suntherm heat pump system may be installed.

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