Monday, February 4, 2019


Patent granted for Phasechange material based heating system

Danish Patent Authorities published SUNTEHRM Patent DK-179513:

A heating system (1) is disclosed, comprising a heat source (12) and an inner tank (2) arranged within an outer tank (3), wherein the inner tank comprises a Phase Change Material (PCM) (19) in direct physical contact with a secondary heattransferring medium (20) and a diffuser unit (11) arranged beneath the PCM, wherein the inner tank is surrounded by a fluid within the outer tank, and wherein the heat source is arranged to circulate a primary heattransferring medium through the outer tank and a  circulation pump (7) is arranged to pump the secondary heattransferring medium from above the PCM within the inner tank passing through the outer tank to the diffuser unit at the bottom of the inner tank, the piping (14) for the circulating primary heattransferring medium and the piping (9; 23) for the secondary heat transferring medium within the outer tank being arranged to allow heat energy to be exchanged between the primary and the secondary heattransferring medium.