Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Green energy in Hvidbjerg

Inhabitants of Hvidbjerg presented to a new heating system from Suntherm.

This following is an unofficial translation into English by Suntherm of the original article by Asmus S. Jørgensen in the local, daily newspaper Skive Folkeblad, September 20th, 2017. To see the original article, click here  


The inhabitants of Hvidbjerg and its immediate surroundings are now presented with the opportunity to have their oil heaters replaced with a new heating system developed by the local company Suntherm. Tonight, Suntherm – together with Skive municipality – holds an information meeting about their project at the school in Hvidbjerg.

Suntherm seeks 35 home owners who wish to exchange their oil or pellet fueled heatings and at the same time participate in a common heating system.

Approximately 180 house holds in Hvidbjerg, Rettrup and Brøndum have been invited to the information meeting. ‘In short, the meeting is about the fact that we can offer inhabitants in Hvidbjerg an opportunity to have their oil or pellet fueled heating system exchanged and at the same time become part of a new common heating facility based on our heating system from Suntherm, SmartHeat,’ Jeppe Ladefoged, who is the marketing director at Suntherm, explains.

At the meeting, you can talk to representatives from Skive Municipality, Suntherm, Brandt Revision, the law firm ‘Advokatfirmaet Miljø og Energi’, and Insero. They will tell participants about the project and answer your questions.

The 35 participating house owners will – during the project – function as test installations for Suntherm’s SmartHeat heating system which is a new and intelligent heating system. With the aid of a heat pump and a unique heat battery the system can store the heat for later use.