Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Info-meeting in Harre Vig with 85 participants

Info-meeting in Harre Vig with 85 participants

On October 29th, 85 home owners from the village of Harre Vig in the northwestern part of Jutland partipated in an information meeting about the SmartHeat system from Suntherm. 

During the meeting, Suntherm presented its new solution for Heating-as-a-Service where home owners will receive heating from a heat pump, a heat storage system, and an intelligent steering solution that produces the heat when it makes the most sense. The home owner's investment consists in a basic start-fee and thereafter low monthly payments that cover maintenance and heating. 

Participants were presented with calculations that show the annual savings - in heat consumption as well as moneywise. The possible savings are due to the intelligent steering solution that takes weather forecasts into account, knows when energy prices are attractive for producing, holds information about the house heating systemt, and is programmed according to the needs of each individual family. 

Also, during the meeting a run-through of the installation time schedule and the works on behalf Suntherm and the customer him/herself was given. 

Most importantly, Suntherm was able to present the experience we have gathered from the already installed systems. 

The meeting gave Suntherm a large number of prospective costumers who signed a form indicating their wish for a visit to their home and a personal offer. Suntherm is now following up and visiting all of these home owners.  

To see the full presentation from the meeting click here