Monday, October 22, 2018


Intelligent heating system to replace oil heat

New Danish technology to reduce heat consumption and send traditional oil and pellet heating systems into retirement

This following is an unofficial translation into English by Suntherm from the original article by Mads Moltsen in the weekly magazine “Ingeniøren” in October 2018.

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During the latest months, several of the inhabitants in the village of Hvidbjerg in the western part of Jutland, Denmark, have scrapped their old oil heating systems and replaced them with a new, intelligent heating system from the Danish company Suntherm.

The inhabitants of Hvidbjerg are participating in a project that will demonstrate cheap heat on a subscription basis. The houses are all outside reach of the district heating system. Throughout 2018, altogether 35 households are to get a heating system installed with a built-in heat storage with a capacity of 25 kWh. Per Lynggaard Olsen was the first house owner to say goodbye to his oil heater.  “I was very interested in participating in the project as this heating system reduces the environmental impact and at the same time saves me money”, he says. According to Per Lynggård Olesen’s first calculations, he will save up to 6,000 Danish Kroner (€ 800,-) per year for heating his house.


Efficient heating battery

It is the company of Suntherm that has developed the heating system under the name of SmartHeat. The system consists of a heat pump, a heat battery, and an intelligent stearing module. Heat is produced from wind and solar energy and stored in a salt solution in the battery. One of the challenges in meeting a flexible consumption of electricity lies in the storage, and this is the challenge that Suntherm has solved. “The battery can store the heat for far longer than for instance a water tank, and this makes it possible to plan the charging as well as the consumption in order that both take place at the point in time when it makes most sense – according to both the weather forecast and the electricity prices”, Jeppe Ladefoged, CMO and co-founder of Suntherm, explains.


The heat consumption is regulated in the cloud

The heating system is linked to a cloud solution which provides a flexible consumption taking wind and weather into consideration. From the household, information about the heat consumption is co-ordinated with the weather forecast and the heating profile of the house. The information is used for regulating when heat is bought, stored, and used in order that both consumption and price are kept low.

”If the heating profile of the house for instance shows that it gets cold when the wind comes from the west, the system will heat the house in ample time before the wind increases,” Jeppe Ladefoged explains.  “This increases the comfort of the house and at the same time leaves room for savings, simply because you do not heat for shorter, intensive periods due to an acute need.”


More oil heaters to be scrapped

By the end of 2018, 35 households in Hvidbjerg will have installed the SmartHeat system. They will test it for a period of time in order to verify that everything works according to plan. After that, Suntherm expects to roll out the SmartHeat system more broadly. “As a starting point, we would like to replace many more oil heaters in Denmark, and then it is our ambition to introduce the heating system on the German market,” says Jeppe Ladefoged.