Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Suntherm is backed by the Danish Green Investment Fund

Article from Ritzau and the Danish Green Investment Fund

Suntherm, a company from the central part of Jutland gives house owners access to CO2-reduced heating via a Heating-as-a-Service system. 

The Danish company Suntherm has given citizens in the central part of Jutland a possibility of recplacing their own oil heating system with an intelligent heating system – and this with an easy Heating-as-a-Service system. The exchange tales place with financial back-up from the Danish Green Investment Fund, the fond seeing a huge potential in Suntherm’s innovative heating system and business model.

 As the first in the world, house owners in the vicinity of Skive have the possibility of exchanging their old CO2-producing oil heaters with an environmentally friendly heating system from the Danish company of Suntherm. The company is leading within heating systems that consist of a air-to-water heat pump, a heat battery, and an intelligent steering system. And via a subscription system, Suntherm makes sure that Danish homes get cheep heating.

‘We have developed a heating system which gathers heat from the air via a heat pump. The intelligent steering optimizes the production as well as the delivery of heat to the house, and it measures the amount of heat delivered to the customer. Hence, for a small connection fee we can offer to our customers that they thereafter only pay for the delivered heat’, Morten Veis Donnerup, co-founder and CEO of Suntherm, explains.

The heating system is connected to the “sky” and co-ordinates weather prognosis for the exact location of the house with information about energy prizes. In combination with the heating battery, the system is able to produce the heat at the most optimal point in time, store it, and avoid unnecessary heating by turning off the heat ahead of times with heat from the outside, i.e. sunlight. Compared to a traditional heating system, this innovative system ensures a sizeable reduction of the CO2-production and a far lower heating bill.  Last year, Suntherm won the World Wildlife Foundation’s climate solver-price for their potential to reducing the CO2-exhaust and hence the global warming.


Financing from the Green Investment Fund of Denmark

The Danish Green Investment Fund which finances projects in the field of sustainable energy, resource efficiency, and energy savings, have co-financed Suntherm’s green heating system. ‘The new business model shows a way how to accelerate the green conversion’, Michael Zöllner, Managing Director of the Danish Green Investment Fund, explains.

‘Suntherm has created a solution that contributes tremendously to the green energy conversion. In the Danish Green Investment Fond we are happy to help companies that have matured and have the ability to create new innovative solutions that really may change the climate impact. We see a big scale potential in Suntherm’, Michael Zöllner says.

As their first focus, Suntherm aims at replacing the approximately 150,000 remaining oil furnaces in Denmark. But the goal being that the company with 8 employees within a few years will cross the border to Germany where the business potential is considerably larger than in Denmark.

‘In Germany, the oil heat system is still widely used, and we estimate that approximately 10 million oil heating systems are currently in use. So, the potential is definitely there’, Morten Veis Donnerup says.

In the near future, Suntherm will also look into the potential for their heating systems in other European markets.


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