Friday, January 25, 2019


Suntherm Newsletter January 2018

Up-date - Common Heating System

The head line of this newsletter reads ”Up-date – Common heating system”.

Suntherm, in this newsletter, explains to customers about the delay of the planned installations in Hvidbjerg which were supposed to have started by the end of January 2018. Due to a delay on behalf of a supplier, Suntherm chooses not to stick to the original time plan. This is to make sure that Suntherm delivers a high quality and reliable heating system that is able to meet customers’ expectations.

The first installations will therefore take place at the end of March 2018. Suntherm is currently visiting all households that have indicated a wish to participate. All households will be contacted directly during the coming weeks.

In December last year (2017), a user survey was launched. The survey gave us much useful input, and the winner of an Apple IPad was found and has received his price.

The more we know about our potential customers, the better a solution Suntherm can offer. This is also the reason that some questionnaires are being followed by interviews. Our heating solutions must work in homes, families, and every day scenarios, that are all different from each other regarding rhythms, expectations, and habits.

The insight that we gather from your questionnaires and out common talks will remind us of the reality in which the heating systems must function. Hence, we thank you for your assistance in making the Suntherm product even better.

The above is a brief outline in English

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