Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Suntherm Newsletter September 2018

Better and cheaper heating in the village of Hvidbjerg

I this newsletter, Suntherm focuses on the establishment of the common heating system in Hvidbjerg and shows a number of pictures from installations already carried through. The nine systems installed are already supplying these customers with better and cheaper heating. Suntherm expects that a larger number of systems will be installed by the end of 2018. There is still a limited number of possibilities to join this test group.

An overview explains the costs involved (yellow scheme).

A typical installation is depicted and explained with the marking of 1) the central heating unit to be installed where the customers old heating unit is placed already to-day, 2) the heating battery placed on the floor of the customer’s utility room, utility shed or garage, together with an electricity board mounted on the wall, and 3) the outside heat pump, to be installed in proximity of the central heating unit.

The above is a brief outline in English

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